Monday, August 5, 2013

Just Me & So

Family is headed to Tennessee for my sister's grad school graduation.

Hubs has a busy week at work with tax-free shopping this weekend.

And now it's just me and So. Hopefully we both make it out alive ;)

But here are a couple things we look forward to doing the next week or so:

01 | Going to the zoo! I've been dying to take Sophia back to the zoo since she just loves animals. Our collection of Eric Carle books has taught her all about them! But right now the temperatures are in the triple digits, so we must wait.

02 | Going back to the pool! We went the other day with my sister and had a blast. We're going to try to soak up every minute of pool time we can before they close in September.

03 | Going on a play date! We are dying to go on a play date. Okay, maybe just me. But I desperately need some interaction with other moms & Sophia definitely needs to learn how to interact with kids. I do not want her to be anti-social.

04 | Going shopping! Or window shopping since we're trying to save money. But it doesn't hurt to go & look at all the cute new fall items hitting the stores!

Happy Monday Everyone!

P.S. I'm loving the blog redesign thanks to the lovely Jen over at First Comes Love. Check out her Etsy shop Sugar and Spice Designs. She's the sweetest!!


  1. Jen did a great job!!! Your blog looks awesome!!!!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you love your new design! :)

    And, I know what you mean about needing a play date! I have basically *no* mom friends around here, so I don't get much adult conversation these days!

  3. Love Jen, she did such a great job! Also, lovin' the teepees and your family picture :) Too cute!

    Instagram: megawat

  4. Love your new blog design!!!!! Actually obsessed!!! Jen is the best! She made my watermark and I keep getting so many compliments on it! I wish we could meet up for a play date!!! xoxo