Friday, November 15, 2013

Hi Friend!

Hi friends! Worst. Blogger. Ever. When I'm not at work (holiday season has taken over the retail world, eek!), I'm running after this crazy lady. Her current obsessions are fuzzy slipper (the white ones on her feet & the duck ones for her hands), drinking from water bottles, and hoarding my EOS chapsticks & bouncy balls in her puppy purse. Love her and all her craziness!

Sunday, November 3, 2013


For some time now, I've been considering opening up my own handmade shop to bring in some extra money and to eventually be able to stay home with Sophia. The only problem is I can't decide exactly WHAT I should make. I absolutely do not want to do anything that has already been perfected and "taken" by someone else. I hear about copycats in the homemade community so often, and it's not even something that I want to be involved with. So I turn to y'all...what do YOU want that you feel is an untapped area? I'd prefer to stay in the baby girl market :)