Wednesday, August 8, 2012


As my maternity leave comes to an end, I have to create a home away from home for Sophia at my parent's house. I am shopping around for more baby products, so I don't have to pack up my entire apartment every day. Since Sophia hates practically everything, I am obsessed with researching new and unique products to try. There's a running list of "gifts" for Sophia on my phone. We are going to test the comotomo baby bottles (similar to the Tommee Tippee bottles we currently use) when she drinks pumped milk. Both are supposed to make it easier to go back and forth between breast and bottle since I would like to continue nursing when I am home with her. And yes, I cannot wait to spend my breaks pumping away in my car.

And with work, it'll be even more difficult to find time for the gym, so my hunt for a good yet stylish jogging stroller continues. The bloom and origami strollers are both suitable for jogging, and they have some fun features like solar lighting or running lights and UV protection! Plus they have such colorful options.

Oh, and I would pay a pretty penny for a carseat that could safely transport a swaddled baby. I am not looking forward to the nights where I have to wake up a sleeping Sophia at midnight (or later depending on my schedule) to bring her home.

Every day Sophia is smiling a little more and developing into such a sweet little girl. And so my anxiety over leaving her grows. Any love, support, and kind words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated. I don't really know many working mothers or have any great examples to follow in this direction, so I'm very uncertain of what this change entails. Retail isn't the greatest supporter of family life. The majority of people I work with aren't married let alone have any children. To be quite honest, I'm mostly not ready for this because I always prayed that something would work itself out so that I wouldn't have to go back to work until Sophia was 1- or 2-years-old. I don't want Sophia calling anyone else mommy!

But to end on a happier note, I'll include more pictures of our sweet Sophia:

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Cheering on the Red, White, and Blue...

...and loving the Fab Five and Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte and Missy Franklin!!

We're obsessed over here, and it always makes me cry. I love that even with all the trouble and turmoil going on, the world can still come together in friendly competition. Sophia loves it too! Look at her cheering on Team USA.
Watch out Olympics 2028, Sophia Rose is coming for you!

On a different note, our little family is breathing a huge sigh of relief today. At Sophia's 2 month well baby appointment, we found out that she wasn't gaining enough weight. After a couple days of a strict feeding schedule, we went back, and skinny mini hadn't gained a single ounce. They did some preliminary blood tests to see if anything was wrong. And they sent us home with the instructions to feed. every. three. hours. no. matter. what. Even at night. For, you see, baby girl is like mommy and daddy and would rather sleep than eat. If she still didn't gain any weight, our pediatrician was going to put Sophia in Texas Children's Hospital. So Sophia and I set out for a feeding frenzy. I had alarms set for every feeding, and I would wake up my sweet baby from her afternoon naps and deep sleep at night to eat. I was so worried about baby Sophia. And I kept blaming myself. What if I wasn't making enough milk? What if I was't producing good quality milk? What if they make me switch over to formula? But we went back to the pediatrician first thing this morning, and she had gained 4 whole ounces. Whew! We go back in a week to make sure we are still making progress. Then we can finally get her immunizations and space out feedings a little more, so we can both get more rest. I'm so so happy my baby isn't in the hospital right now. Keep her in your prayers this next week!!

Side Note: I wish it were socially acceptable for grown women to sport adorable baby fashion like onsies and leg warmers or headbands with giant bows/flowers or dresses with ruffled bloomers underneath. But, alas, it is not.