Thursday, June 16, 2016

Sophia Rose, Age Four

For old times sake...

Age: 4 Years (!)
Favorite Foods: Noodles, Ice Cream/Fro-yo/Popsicles
Favorite Words: "Why?"
Favorite Book: Pete the Cat
Favorite Toy: Constant cycle of princess dolls and stuffed animals
Favorite Activities: Dancing, watching/singing to sing-along videos
Least Favorite Activities: Going to bed, sitting through an entire meal
Nicknames: So, B
Signature Moves: The booty shake!

I know I say this every year, but it's hard to believe that I have a 4-year-old already! She gives me so much sass, but loves so hard. She's the wild, little weirdo that's stolen my heart. 

We celebrated her fourth birthday with a princess party filled with family and friends.

 Tiaras for the littlest princesses.

 Birthday Girl <3

Story time with The Little Mermaid!

"Feet are required for jumping...dancing...."

Princess Makeover


"Happy Birthday, dear Sophia..."

Decorating individual mini cakes.

All photos by Sweenshots (@sweenshots)
The Little Mermaid from A Charmed Affair
Mini Cakes and Chocolate Gems from Maple and Love
Princess Sugar Cookies from Dolce Custom Cookies
Birthday Cake from Sweet Houston

Friday, February 27, 2015

Life Lately

It has been a whirlwind over here the past couple months, and Sophia is becoming quite the little lady. She is the perfect sidekick and such a good helper. Before we know it, she will be THREE years old!

Since it has been so long since my last post, here's a little Sophia update.

Age: 3 Years in 3 months!
Favorite Foods: Everything. This girl can eat. She loves everything except for cookies and cake which is so unlike me.
Favorite Words: "I take care."
Favorite Book: Coloring books. She "studies" with my sister, and make notes in her coloring books and notebooks. Future pharmacist in the making.
Favorite Toy: Royal Prep Academy playhouse (from Sofia the First), any kind of horse/unicorn/pony, and coloring books
Favorite Activities: Playing outside, pretending to do "ba-wea" (ballet), pretending to be a dog/cat/horse, tea parties
Least Favorite Activities: Letting me go to work…there are tears and usually screaming involved.
Nicknames: So, B
Signature Moves: Sneaking candies when she thinks I'm not looking.

Sophia has also become quite independent. Every time I try to help her with something, she gets frustrated and says "me do it!"

She will be starting school two days a week in the fall and taking ballet classes once a week. I can't wait to see her in a leotard and ballet shoes.

Have a great weekend. XO, Emilie

Thursday, August 28, 2014

A New Normal

We have lots of changes coming our way the rest of this year.

First of all, we are moving into our own place at the end of the year! While we are not building a home like we had originally planned, we are excited to have a space that is our own. Sophia will finally have a room of her own because, let's face it, it is time to rip off the co-sleeping bandage. I don't know who's going to have a harder time, me or So…

BUT I'm so excited to get some furniture and start decorating! I'm sure we'll be moving out by the time I'm finished decorating, but, nevertheless, I'm excited.

I'm also moving to a brand new location at work. I can't wait to open another store and watch every thing come together.

Lots of changes and lots of adjustments, but we will get used to our new normal.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Life Lately

So I realize I've become the world's worst and most inconsistent blogger, but it's been so crazy around here chasing after this little monster ;)

Here is a peek into what we've been up to lately through pictures. If you follow me on Instagram (@emilierivera), you have probably seen most of them, so I tried to add in a few new ones!

Every day we take Sophia to a cul-de-sac in our neighborhood to run, play, collect flowers and twigs, and look for the neighborhood bunny. Sometimes she even brings a carrot to leave for the bunny. It would be absolutely perfect if it weren't for the heat, Houston humidity, and palm-sized mosquitoes!
Minnie Mouse Tee: Peek (sold out) | Liberty Print Skirt: Peek | Bow: Peek (in store only) |

Sophia got a visit from her cousin. Quinn and Sophia (or Qin and Pia as they like to call each other) are four months apart and sweet as can be.

While I'm at work, my family likes to take So on little adventures. She is currently obsessed with the carousel and cried when it was time to get off. Every now and then I'll show this picture to Sophia, and she will press the screen over and over again in hopes that it is a video of her riding the horsie. Sorry, baby, we'll get one next time!
Top: Peek (sold out, similar here)

Thursday is our favorite day of the week. It is gymnastic day and typically my day off as well. We try to cram in as much fun on Thursdays as possible. She is having such a great time at gymnastics and getting better every week.

Sometimes we even manage to fit in a play date on Thursday! It's so difficult to coordinate schedules with busy moms and babes, but I'm so glad we manage to find time for each other. Karina and Marissa are seriously the sweetest girls you'll ever meet, and their little ones are so much fun! We met up at the splash pad, but the intense heat was a little too much for the babies to handle. We decided to find some air conditioning at the local pizza place instead :)

And of course, we are taking advantage of the pool before they close for the year. Sophia absolutely loves splashing around and kicking her feet in the water. 

My husband is still recovering from his shoulder surgery at the beginning of the summer. Now that he is in physical therapy, we are able to hit the gym more. Plus, new shoes are always extra motivation to work out!

And last, but not least, is Sophia's obsession with hiding things. I was digging through my purse on the way to work this morning and found four tiny toy envelopes from So's toy post office. The hat that she's wearing in the picture? It was in the ice chest. We're still searching for a couple different things. I wonder where they could be.

I hope everyone has a great week. I promise to blog again soon! X0.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014


"'Nastics. See coach. No crying."

Sophia started a Mommy & Me gymnastics class in May. When she turned two, I moved her to the big kid class without me. Well, six weeks later, Sophia has FINALLY adjusted to attending class alone. She only cries for the first couple minutes. For us, that is a huge victory! We're so lucky she has such a patient coach. Here are some videos from last week's class.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Mother-Daughter Photos

Hello again! It's been awhile, but it has been nearly impossible to find spare time to blog. I usually get 1-2 hours of "me" time after Sophia goes to bed. Recently, however, Sophia refuses to sleep unless I go to bed with her. She sleeps on my chest (almost like old times, just heavier), so I can't sneak out once she falls asleep. I enjoy the snuggles, but I can't get much done.

Recently Sophia and I took mother-daughter photos. Here are some of my favorites!

Floral Crowns: The Scalloped Window | Sophia's Dress: Pippy Lou
Photos by the amazing Crystal Lynn Photography

Sunday, March 23, 2014

22 Months

Age: 22 Months on the 26th
Favorite Foods: Fruit and cheese
Favorite Words: "Where'd it go?" "You okay?" "Hi!!"
Favorite Book: So many, but we're currently loving this set of Joyce Wan books. They are so sweet and have the cutest pictures.
Favorite Toy: Snoopy, always Snoopy
Favorite Activities: Going to the zoo or to see the ducks, playing in the tub, reading her "boots" (books), and coloring
Least Favorite Activities: Getting her diaper changed and sleeping alone
Nicknames: So, B
Signature Moves: Dancing when she eats froyo (see below)
Biggest Change Since Last Update: Nothing. She's still a crazy lady. Oh, but she has been extra attached lately. We have to be touching the entire time we're together. If I'm at work, she has to carry around one of my shirts all day. I go out of town for work next monthit should be interesting to say the least.

And for a peek into our latest adventures.

A day at the zoo with her cousin. They had so much fun running around and talking to each other in their own baby language.

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather, trying to soak it up before it gets ridiculously hot again.

And, most recently, we're nursing Sophia back to health. She currently has an ear infection. Smart girl put her hand over her ear sobbing "my ear, my ear!" The pediatrician was super impressed that she was able to tell me what was bothering her! Oh, and she loves those kitty shoes. I already had to buy her a second pair ;)