Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Five

It's Friday, and the hubs has the next two days off (it's a big deal in the retail world!).
Here are five things currently occupying my mind:

01 | A day at the beach! Tomorrow the three of us are packing our beach bags & heading out to Galveston for the day. It's not the loveliest of beaches, but it's a beach nonetheless. 

02 | Must. Resist. Online. Shopping. I am currently on a spending freeze. So naturally, I want everything. The list of stuff I need want for Sophia is growing longer and longer by the minute. But you can't blame me; the new fall clothes are just too darn cute! And of course, I need a headband for every outfit. Not good. Not good at all.

03 | Work! Every year around my birthday, I reflect on the past year & what I can do differently to make this next year better. This past year I really struggled with work-life balance. Whenever I do something, I want to be the best and put in 100%. I felt like I couldn't do that with where I was. As the boss, I was on-call 24/7. And as a mommy, well, there are no days off either. So now, I'm on the hunt for a job that is more mommy-friendly. I have a lead. Pray a little prayer, think good thoughts, wish me luck :)

04 | Costumes! I have never been the biggest fan of Halloween, but if you know me, you know I love a good costume (I was the costume chair of my college song & dance group). Yes, I am already thinking about this. I'm considering two costumes this year, one funny & one cute. My sister wants to be a minion with Sophia, so that might be the "funny" one.

05 | Date nights. Since Sophia was born, I haven't been the best wife. Mommy mode kinda took over & I never want to leave Sophia. But our four year anniversary (dating, not wedding) is coming up in October & I think it's time to step up wife mode. Any good date night suggestions that doesn't involve a ton of money or going to the movies? Yes, I'm that weirdo that hates going to the movies.

Thank Goodness It's Friday. And Happy Weekend Eve!

P.S. I think Sophia inherited my mean mug ;)


  1. I am all about costumes too right now! And she makes a mean mug look cute!

  2. Sophia is so cute! I hear ya about the online shopping, I can't look if I can't buy ;)

    Instagram: megawat

  3. I think I get in the most trouble for online shopping!! I never have time to go window shopping and I am on the computer all day for work so it's really easy to just buy something online. hahah!!! Our anniversary is in October and I am in the same situation as you, Haven't been that great of a wife and wanna do something nice and I have no ideas. I did buy Jordan Dynamo tickets, they were only 25 a piece which isnt bad at all. Would that be something Johnny would like?

    1. Online shopping is just too easy!! We have a love-hate relationship ;)

      He would probably love something like that. His fav are football & baseball, but he doesn't follow any Houston teams.