Thursday, July 25, 2013

Little Minion

Sophia has been loving the little minions from Despicable Me.
(btw we've had that dress forever...size 0-3 months, ridiculous)

Some other Sophia developments:

She does this thing whenever we're finished with an activity. We turns up both hands and says "mo mo" which means "no more" in Chinese. It's too cute. I'll try to get a video of it!

She's showing signs of being left handed. Is that something you can tell this early on?

She's developed a need for a security blanket. And of course, with our luck, it's a random little blanket my mom picked up on sale from Marshall's, so there's no buying more in case she loses this one.

Oh and we're obsessed with the pool. But I'm sure you already knew that...

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Happy Saturday!

Happy Saturday y'all!

Sophia and I are having the greatest time together. Here is a look into our latest adventures.

Pool days are always a favorite around here, especially in this Houston heat! Sophia loves splashing in the water. I have been trying to get her to blow bubbles. For now, she just drinks the water. Yum?

We try to spend our time outside before the temperatures hit the high 90s, low 100s! Sophia's favorite activity is watching the bubbles come out of her Fubbles machine. P.S. That is our favorite Little Hip Squeaks headband that we lost at the mall!

Late morning & early afternoon, Sophia usually takes one to two naps a day. I captured the FIRST time she ever put herself to sleep. Before we had to rock & sing her to sleep which often times took over half an hour (and years off my life). It has definitely been a game-changer and a call for celebration. I'm thinking new crib sheets, pillows, and wall decor!

My favorite activity is a little online shopping. But every once in awhile, we have to get out of the house. Sophia enjoyed her trip to Anthropologie & fell in love with this sweet fox.

But when it was time to say goodbye, Sophia placed him back in his little home with the rest of his furry friends. No tears. No fit. I was so proud!

Then we play with her toys. Her current favorite is a little vanity mirror that lights up and plays music. I have all the songs memorized. And they usually play in my head the second I wake up. Perhaps it's time to switch things up? And after play time, it's a little driveway fun while we wait for daddy to come home.

And of course, we like to finish up with a little more pool time!

I'm loving all this time with sweet Sophia. However, I am looking for some part-time, work-from-home job opportunities. Wish me luck!!

Oh, and this blog is in desperate need of a makeover. Any suggestions or designers you recommend?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Recent Happenings

This little girl is growing up so quickly; it's hard to keep up!

She has quite the personality and has developed some peculiar interests.

Recently, she has become obsessed with her toothbrush. Every time I try to brush her teeth, she grabs the brush from my hand & tries to brush them herself. She'll stick the toothbrush in her mouth (sometimes upside down) and move her free hand in the brushing motion. It's really cute and odd at the same time. The other night, she wouldn't let go of her toothbrush even when she was drinking her bottle. She stopped every minute to brush her teeth.

Sophia is also in the tantrum phase. Joy. The ped said that the "terrible twos" start somewhere between their first and second birthday. Looks like we got a head start. She will scream and throw her body when we take something from her (i.e. her toothbrush). But we go about our business, and Sophia usually moves on rather quickly.

She is also in the "copycat" phase. It is so cute and scary! I try to be so careful about what I do and say around her because she sees everything! The hardest part is when we are around other people. I can't really control what everyone else says (and I try not to be that mom who tells other people what to do around her kid).

So loves kisses. She loves kissing herself in the mirror. She loves kissing her aunts. She loves kissing her little giraffe. She's one affectionate little girl...

...Except when she's sick. Sophia's had a cold since the 4th & has been completely grumpy. On top of that, she cannot stand getting her nose suctioned by the aspirator. She runs and starts crying when she sees it. But it just helps to clear her nose so much, that we have to do it! Needless to say, we cannot wait until she is over this cold!

Her favorite "toy" is my mom's bag of nail clippers. She'll dump them all out, put them back into the bag, and start all over again. And again. And again.

Oh and Sophia is extremely ticklish! She will giggle forever if you tickle her little tummy.

Other than that, So is an incredibly active little girl. She starts running the second her feet hit the ground. It's difficult to get anything done other than during naps. And even then, she usually doesn't let me set her down, so I end up just looking through Pinterest on my phone (not complaining!).

I was scrolling through an old camera today & found some photos from Sophia's birth day. How did she go from this teeny tiny 6-pound newborn to this little girl so quickly?

Looks like I'm going to have to start planning her mini year-and-a-half celebration soon...just a tiny  something to mark yet another milestone in her sweet little life!

Friday, July 5, 2013

So, Meet Puppy

Like I promised, here is the video of Sophia meeting a puppy for the first time.
I hope everyone had a lovely Fourth of July! Unfortunately for us, Sophia was sick, so we had to skip out on the festivities and fireworks. Her poor little nose is running like a faucet, and it has completely ruined her sleep schedule. Hopefully she gets over it soon, so we can hit the pool!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Road Trip!

Johnny had two days off from work, so we decided to pack our bags & hit the road. The destination? The Rio Grande Valley to visit Johnny's family AND to have a family day at the beach. It was so much fun, and I'm proud to announce that Sophia didn't cry at all during the car ride there and back! If you know Sophia and her hatred of car rides, you know that is a huge accomplishment for us.

Sophia after a long day of travel & beach fun.
Loving the beach...excuse the crazy hair 
(post partum hair loss & regrowth has been cruel to me)
Some other Sophia developments:
Cheerios have become one of her obsessions. She's liked them for awhile, but now she's 100% hooked.  She was running around the grocery store with the box (hence the blur)!
She loves & is terrified of puppies at the same time. Sophia's cousins just got a tiny little chihuahua. Sophia was screaming and shaking from fear and squealing from excitement all at the same time. And when the puppy wasn't around, she would go looking for her. It was so cute. And hilarious. I'll try to upload Johnny's video of her reaction. We couldn't stop laughing.

She learned a new (and fairly disgusting) new trick. She likes to grab her feet and smell them while she is sitting in her carseat.

Sophia loves playing with her baby cousin Quinn but hates being cooperative when I want to take her photo. Here's Exhibit A...
She's only happy when she gets to walk around.
I wish I had more pictures from the trip, but that's all I have! I hope everyone is having a great Fourth of July Eve!