Sunday, March 23, 2014

22 Months

Age: 22 Months on the 26th
Favorite Foods: Fruit and cheese
Favorite Words: "Where'd it go?" "You okay?" "Hi!!"
Favorite Book: So many, but we're currently loving this set of Joyce Wan books. They are so sweet and have the cutest pictures.
Favorite Toy: Snoopy, always Snoopy
Favorite Activities: Going to the zoo or to see the ducks, playing in the tub, reading her "boots" (books), and coloring
Least Favorite Activities: Getting her diaper changed and sleeping alone
Nicknames: So, B
Signature Moves: Dancing when she eats froyo (see below)
Biggest Change Since Last Update: Nothing. She's still a crazy lady. Oh, but she has been extra attached lately. We have to be touching the entire time we're together. If I'm at work, she has to carry around one of my shirts all day. I go out of town for work next monthit should be interesting to say the least.

And for a peek into our latest adventures.

A day at the zoo with her cousin. They had so much fun running around and talking to each other in their own baby language.

We've been enjoying the beautiful weather, trying to soak it up before it gets ridiculously hot again.

And, most recently, we're nursing Sophia back to health. She currently has an ear infection. Smart girl put her hand over her ear sobbing "my ear, my ear!" The pediatrician was super impressed that she was able to tell me what was bothering her! Oh, and she loves those kitty shoes. I already had to buy her a second pair ;)