Saturday, February 15, 2014

Oh Happy Day

Other than Sophia's little cold, we are having the best weekend.

We celebrated Valentine's Day with Sophia Thursday night with dinner and a trip to Build-A-Bear. Her favorite part was picking out the "heart heart!" for Ellie the Elephant. It's the pinkest, girliest, little elephant you've ever laid eyes on, and she loves it. She calls her Heart, gives her kisses, and shares her milk with her newest friend. Sophia sure does love stuffed animals.

Friday, we took advantage of the warm weather and headed to the park for a two-mile walk. 

We stopped at the playground along the trail. Sophia started squealing the second she saw it! P.S. She LOVES her kitty shoes and usually cries when we try to take them off.

Her favorite part was running and jumping up and down on the playground bridge. I just die for her little giggle.

It was so much fun, and we can't wait to do it again before the Houston heat kicks in. At that point, we'll only go outside for pool time…woohoo, can't wait!

Before heading out for Valentine's dinner, we attempted to take some family pictures. Obviously we are incapable of that. At least Johnny and Sophia had some super cute father-daughter moments.

And while I worked today, Johnny and Sophia had more father-daughter time. He picked out a little pink soccer ball, and Sophia had the time of her life playing in the backyard.

Hahaha that ponytail gets me every time :)


  1. The pony tail kills me. She needs to bring that ball on our next play date;) and those father daughter pictures are precious. You can tell he is wrapped around her little finger! So sweet. Such a beautiful family! Hope she gets to feeling better too! Xoxo

  2. These pictures just melt my heart!!! I just love her and your sweet fam!!!

  3. That dress with the bow it too sweet!! Happy you ladies had a good weekend! xoxo

  4. Aw those pics of her and Johnny are the best! and I love yall's family pic!!! You all look great!

  5. her little kitty shoes.. SO cute! And those pictures with her daddy are the sweetest

  6. You have a GORG family!