Tuesday, December 3, 2013

18 Months

This post is a bit delayed because Sophia turned 18 months last week! I've been a bit preoccupied between working Black Friday and a week of the stomach flu hitting every person in the house. And a mom fail? I wasn't able to get her in for her 18-month-check-up until...January. Oops!

Age: 18 Months!
Favorite Foods: Cantaloupe, Broccoli
Favorite Words: "Wo wo" for dog
Favorite Toy: Snoopy
Favorite Activities: Riding her new bike, Watching Vine videos, Helping out :)
Least Favorite Activities: Going to sleep without mommy AND daddy in bed with her
Nicknames: So, B
Signature Moves: Blowing kisses, Putting her hand under her chin & saying "cheese"
Biggest Change Since Last Update: She is able to communicate everything she wants with us even without saying a word. From our room, she'll pull me to the baby gate, throw her arms up to be carried down the stairs, and point at what she wants once downstairs. That's not to say that her vocabulary has remained stagnant. It has grown significantly, and she can put together some phrases. Her understanding of everything we say is pretty incredible as well.

Here's some photos of her riding her new bike. She doesn't have the hang of moving her feet to get around, so sometimes she just pushes it along. P.S. Yes, that is my favorite shirt on her.


  1. Just love her! Her hair is getting so long and she's getting so big! When's the next baby?!?! :)

  2. She has always looked exactly like you, but I think she looks a lot like Johnny in these pictures. She is so precious and I really think we need to get together soon! Where is Peek? What days do you have off? TEXT ME!!!

  3. That second to last picture is to die for!!!!! She is such a doll!! I just love her!!!

  4. She is such a sweetie! Wish we saw more of her;) xoxoxo