Friday, October 11, 2013

Oh Hello!

So it's been a million years since I last posted. Life has been a little crazy around here lately. Teething, a minor ear infection, and all THREE of us with the flu has really drained all my energy.

It's been a long week & this is the first night Sophia has slept in her crib since getting sick, so it's going to be a short post.

Here's some recent photos of my little So!

Sophia and I on my birthday! I'm definitely starting to feel old.

Cheering on the Dallas Cowboys with daddy on Football Sundays. Anyone that knows me well knows that I always wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader. Since I'm way past that point in my life, Sophia's DCC training starts now :)

Celebrating the first day of October with her little babyGap "Boo" dress! I actually bought that dress the second it was added to their website & waited until it was socially acceptable to put it on her. I'm dying over her tiny little pigtails. I can't wait until she legit grows more hair though!

Watering plants outside with grandpa.

Representing our great state in her Texas tee. "You can still dream big even if you're little." How cute is that?!

And modeling her Circus Peanut outfit.

In other news, today the hubs and I celebrated four years since we started dating and three years since he proposed. It's been a crazy ride, and our lives have changed so much since our carefree days in good ole' Waco, Texas!

Next up is a trip to Dewberry Farms for some pumpkin patch fun (and an early glimpse at the Christmas tree farm!!!!!) and some family pictures for our Christmas card. Anything to coordinate some cute outfits, right?

Have a good weekend!


  1. Sophia is such a sunshine :) I really love each of her outfits!
    Oh and happy birthday :)

    xo, Julia (daysfullofglitter)

  2. Ugh I love her!!! So so precious. Love these pictures

  3. She is so cute!!! Cannot stand it!! 🎀

  4. I'm so sorry you were all sick. Hope everyone is feeling much better! I always watch the DCC and literally cry when they make it because I always think of Harper doing that for some reason and I would be the proudest momma ever! Haha I know I'm crazy but it's so true! We need to sign them up for dance classes ASAP!

  5. Just found your blog! So sorry you were all sick:/ That's no fun being a mom while sick AND taking care of sick kids! Yikes!!

    Boy, oh {mamas} boys Blog.

    1. It's definitely not an ideal situation!! Thanks for visiting my blog :)

  6. Her style though.... Amazing!