Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Recent Happenings

This little girl is growing up so quickly; it's hard to keep up!

She has quite the personality and has developed some peculiar interests.

Recently, she has become obsessed with her toothbrush. Every time I try to brush her teeth, she grabs the brush from my hand & tries to brush them herself. She'll stick the toothbrush in her mouth (sometimes upside down) and move her free hand in the brushing motion. It's really cute and odd at the same time. The other night, she wouldn't let go of her toothbrush even when she was drinking her bottle. She stopped every minute to brush her teeth.

Sophia is also in the tantrum phase. Joy. The ped said that the "terrible twos" start somewhere between their first and second birthday. Looks like we got a head start. She will scream and throw her body when we take something from her (i.e. her toothbrush). But we go about our business, and Sophia usually moves on rather quickly.

She is also in the "copycat" phase. It is so cute and scary! I try to be so careful about what I do and say around her because she sees everything! The hardest part is when we are around other people. I can't really control what everyone else says (and I try not to be that mom who tells other people what to do around her kid).

So loves kisses. She loves kissing herself in the mirror. She loves kissing her aunts. She loves kissing her little giraffe. She's one affectionate little girl...

...Except when she's sick. Sophia's had a cold since the 4th & has been completely grumpy. On top of that, she cannot stand getting her nose suctioned by the aspirator. She runs and starts crying when she sees it. But it just helps to clear her nose so much, that we have to do it! Needless to say, we cannot wait until she is over this cold!

Her favorite "toy" is my mom's bag of nail clippers. She'll dump them all out, put them back into the bag, and start all over again. And again. And again.

Oh and Sophia is extremely ticklish! She will giggle forever if you tickle her little tummy.

Other than that, So is an incredibly active little girl. She starts running the second her feet hit the ground. It's difficult to get anything done other than during naps. And even then, she usually doesn't let me set her down, so I end up just looking through Pinterest on my phone (not complaining!).

I was scrolling through an old camera today & found some photos from Sophia's birth day. How did she go from this teeny tiny 6-pound newborn to this little girl so quickly?

Looks like I'm going to have to start planning her mini year-and-a-half celebration soon...just a tiny  something to mark yet another milestone in her sweet little life!

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  1. Sound a lot like H! She throws tantrums already too... What are we in for?!? But then again she gives me hugs and kisses so I can't get mad at her :)