Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My Girl So

Beyond excited to share So's one year photos taken by our fav Taylor Lord and styled by the amazing Lindsey Zamora. Although Sophia refused to smile or let me leave her side, I love how they turned out. Click here for Taylor's full blog post :)

And just a few updates on my girl So:
  • She watches Sound of Music with grandpa on the regular. She sits in her little baby chair and dances to the music.
  • She calls most animals ap-ap (duck in Chinese).
  • She LOVES other little kids. She wants to run and play with them. But the second she sees an adult she doesn't know, separation anxiety sets in to the max.
  • She always sneezes twice. And then grins.
  • She is such a happy baby. She runs around squealing, laughing, and clapping.
  • She knows that if she sits on the first step of the stairs and puts on her shoes, she gets to go out.


  1. These are great pictures and she is so hilarious and cute!!! I love that she watches the Sound of Music, that is one of my all time favorite movies!!! I need to hang with her!

  2. OMG your girl is precious!! She's so beautiful! My son is part Korean and maaaan do I love those eyes. I love the pics! They look so relaxing.


  3. How am I just now seeing all of these photos?! I love them! So pretty!!!!

  4. Absolutely adorable! Just in case Sophia needs her own personal teepee, I have a "No Sew Teepee" tutorial on Fawn! "No Sew Teepee" It's so easy to make and our little one LOVES hers :)