Tuesday, March 5, 2013

T-Minus 3 Months...

...and counting until Sophia's first birthday. Holy 9 month baby!

In the last 9 months, Sophia has developed the sweetest & craziest little personality.

Some updates on our little So:
  • She is everywhere. Girl can crawl...and fast. You cannot look away for even a second. And Auntie Tiffany thought it would be a great idea to teach her how to climb the stairs. I had a minor heart attack when I found out.
  • Sophia has two little bottom teeth. So sweet, right? Wrong! She bites. 
  • She smiles the sweetest smiles when someone she recognizes walks into the room. For right now, that list consists of Johnny, my dad, my mom, and myself. Occasionally she'll get excited to see her aunts as well. They visit often enough (and FaceTime/call her on the phone) for her to remember them.
  • Girlfriend likes to talk. And she has lots to say. She can carry a conversation with anyone that will baby babble back. It's more of a high-pitched squeak, but it's incredibly sweet.
  • Sophia has been to the zoo three times now. The zoo has free admission the first Tuesday of every month, and my parents have become obsessed with taking her to see the animals. She loves them, especially the fishies...except she still spooks easily and cried today when the sheep made a peep.
  • She touches/reaches for everything with just one finger.
  • She loves blowing raspberries and then giving sloppy wet kisses. She thinks she's hilarious.
  • Her last "first" holiday (Easter) is quickly approaching.
  • Sophia is on the verge of walking alone. I want to find her some cute little shoes that will provide some support for her little feet, especially since they turn in. And it always looks like she's twisting her feet when she's standing. Johnny wants some daddy-daughter Converse. I want some moccasins. Check out these sweet moccasins that I'm dying to get her. I just can't decide on a color! Too many choices!
  • She can't wait to go swimming. Okay, really I can't wait to take her to the pool. Baby swimsuits are too precious (although Johnny got upset when I tried to buy Sophia a bikini. Apparently it is unnecessary for babies to wear bikinis).
  • I also can't wait for her to be old enough for dance and tumbling lessons. We need activities to use up some of this little girl's energy!
We took some 9 month photos of Sophia in her Cubs onsie because it was the first thing Johnny bought when he found out we were having a girl (of course!). Auntie Daisy made the tutu and headband to match it when Sophia was a newborn. The outfit finally fit, so we just had to put it on her.

Of course, Sophia will no longer hold still, so taking photos of her has become infinitely more difficult. Most of the photos ended up with her either looking down or crawling away.

At least the fluffy tutu still makes for a pretty picture!


  1. OH MY GOSH!! She is a doll!! So glad you found me! Can't wait to see this little one grow! She is perfect! Perfect family! xoxo

  2. I love those colors, they are jayhawk colors :)!!