Sunday, December 2, 2012

Happy December!

It's finally December and the best time of the year! Merry December and Happy Christmas! It's time to deck our halls, trim the tree, and elf the shelf (maybe? I still can't decide if it is creepy or cute).

6-month-old Sophia is all ready for her first Christmas season.

She gets to meet Santa soon...I've been putting it off because I can't stand the thought of spending my day off in a crowded deal-seeking frenzied mall. And because we never know what to expect from our dear Sophia. There's a strong possibility that she'll cry the entire she did when my sweet friend, Chelsea, tried to take her Christmas card photo. I couldn't even set her down for a second!

Exhibit A of Sophia's photo shoot meltdown. 
But check out Chelsea's blog and little baby Max!

In other milestone news, Sophia is sitting up like a big girl! And rolling over from tummy to back and vice versa. Rolling has proved to be a more efficient mode of transportation than crawling for her. She's also going through a phase where she is learning to talk and fascinated by the sound of her own voice. She just sits and squeals (squeaks) loudly. And she'll talk to anyone who will listen. I wonder who she got that from...

Sophia loves watching cars drive by, looking at her reflection and her shadow, listening to music, and chewing on the tags of her stuffed toys. She also loves to sleep on her tummy. I will set her in her crib on her back, and she'll roll over before she can fall asleep.

What's next for her? A trip to the Christmas tree farm, more solid foods, and lots of holiday festivities!


  1. aww poor little one!! I love her bow though :)

  2. Oh my goodness she is so precious. I can't wait to start the Christmas tree farm tradition with my little one! So fun!

  3. She is so funny! And SOOOO CUTE!!! I just love her so much!