Sunday, October 14, 2012

Life Lately

Sorry for the lapse in updates, but life has been crazy between work and raising a four-month-old baby!  Five months is right around the corner, and before we know it, we will be celebrating little Sophia's first birthday!

Here is Sophia and her long legs at four months.

We have quite a few updates as well:
  • Sophia is such a morning baby. In the mornings, she will sit in bed talking to herself. And girlfriend sure has lots to say!
  • She is We have to be careful because she likes to fling herself backwards when she cries.
  • She's also a genius. Well, genius might be pushing it, but she is a very smart baby. Sophia's cries are unstoppable when she is hungry except when we give her a bath. She knows that she gets to eat as soon as her bath is over, so we usually have a happy baby during bath time. She also hates her pacifier. Sophia has changed the way she cries so that we cannot get the pacifier in her mouth! And she knows that the rocking chair means bed time. We literally cannot sit on the rocker without her screaming unless she is on the verge of passing out.
  • Sophia is very timid. Everything scares her. And I mean everything. She is scared of the dark, loud or sudden noises, her cookie jar toy, the sound of the door opening, the squeak of her Sophie the get the point.
  • The Aden and Anais blankets are her favorite. She's always clutching one.

  • I'm looking forward to sharing the holiday season with Sophia. Next weekend we plan on taking her to the pumpkin patch! And I already have a running list of seasonal outfits for this precious girl that may or may not cost a small fortune...
  • Sophia attended her first wedding recently, and she loved it. I had visions of her screaming during the ceremony, but she sat happily in my lap and sucked on her dress.
I hope to continue updating on a more regular basis. Johnny and I are taking a little vacation from work to take Sophia to Baylor Homecoming {SIC 'EM!!} and visit his family in a couple weeks. It'll be the first time Johnny has had time off from work since before Sophia was born! I know we are both looking forward to a little rest and time with Sophia before the crazy holiday season starts at work.

 Little Sophia celebrating mommy's birthday.

Ruffle bottom!


  1. she looks long!! maybe you are going to have a tall one :)

  2. Emilie, She is so darn cute!!! and you are right her legs are soooo long! I love it! Future runway model! I am so glad you guys are able to have a little break from work! You all deserve it! Seeing family and spending time with your precious girl is what is important in life! Call/text me we need to get our children together! love you!